December 15‐19, 2016

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A ‘People To People’ Cultural Music Exchange

The 31th Annual Havana International Jazz Festival



The Havana International Jazz Festival first took place in 1979. During recent years, the Havana International Jazz

Festival has grown to include major concert venues fans flock to major concerts at the Mella and National theaters, and

also includes tons of more intimate venues in Havana’s clubs and hotels where solo performers will entertain.


Jazz in Cuba dates back further than most people realize. Slavery was abolished on the island in 1886 and many freed

black Cubans immigrated to New Orleans, whilst the American intervention of 1898 in the Cuban independence wars

heralded the start of a prolonged US presence in Cuba. Conditions were thus perfect for mutual musical exchange. The

musicians that had moved to New Orleans took with them the rhythms and style that were already considered Cuban

and incorporated them into the nascent jazz form, as did musicians returning to the States from Cuban holidays. The high

point of this musical evolution was the spark which ignited between Cuban drummer Luciano (Chano) Pozo – who was

eventually shot in a bar in Harlem – and American jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.Their sound was the first appearance of

what later came to be known as “Latin jazz” – and that was just the beginning. Now Cuban musicians are foremost

amongst the world’s jazz performers.




This exceptional cultural exchange will include visiting the magical UNESCO (United Nations Educational,

Scientific and Cultural Organization) Heritage site of Old Havana. Meet the Jazz greats of Cuba up close and

personal. The package includes: a complimentary conference call briefing 4 weeks prior to the journey, round

trip non‐stop CHARTER AIR service between Miami International and Havana airports, special travel visa,

approved license, ALL JAZZ Festival Pass for all venues for 5 days, PRIVATE VISIT TO A CUBAN RECORDING

STUDIO, English speaking guide, private air‐conditioned motor coach, transfers, luggage handling throughout

the trip, five star accommodations, medical insurance while in Cuba, tips, entry fees, breakfast daily, 2

lunches, day trip to the Pinar del Rio Orchid Garden and countryside to hear great music plus surprises!. We

travel on a U.S. Department of Treasury approved license and visa. There are a limited number of seats

available for this rare chance to visit this distinctive island. Not included, Cuba departure tax, baggage fees &


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