T.R.E.E. sponsors trips to Cuba that are MEANINGFUL “People to People” EXCHANGES. Helping the people conserve, preserve, research and develop their ecological heritage and treasures. The trips are designed to immerse our travelers into the people’s lives with their rich cultural traditions and biologically diverse landscapes. Learn about the origins of their art and architecture and the evolution of social community structure and language, religion, music and daily living. Hike the countryside and learn of the bio-physical evolution of the rich flora and fauna. When you take a trip a portion of your fee becomes a donation to the  Tropical Research Ecological Exchange Institute. You will be helping to fund our projects that support People, Conservation, Research, Peservation and Education.  Choose a trip below to visit Cuba!


Gardens  and Biospheres of Cuba


Experience Cuba’s finest gardens and ecosystems through a humanitarian exchange program by led by Patrick Tierney, a Key West master gardener.


New Year Five Star Gala


This holiday trip affords this unique photo moment in their history.  Enjoy a “one of a kind” New Year’s Eve Celebration with the People of Cuba.


Walt Bartman Painting Trip


This trip affords a rare opportunity to visit the pennisula of Varadero and the magical cities of Matanzas, Cardenas, and remarkable Havana. Non-painters welcome.


Havana Jazz Festival


Join Ginetta Vendetta  for a “People to People” Musical Exchange Trip of a lifetime in Cuba to  the Havana International Jazz Festival.

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